Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here goes,

I am taking three commissions starting now.
All enquiries should be addressed to Ryan Graff at Eidolon Fine Arts.
As he is now my artistic representative, all work not of a personal nature
goes through him. As you all should know by now, all commissions are
a flat thousand. No wriggle room. Period.
No superheros, no nudes. Unless I approve.

No I am apparently coming down with a nasty cold or something and feel
like utter shit, so anyone interested do realize I will start on them as soon as I am
sure I am in good form.

I am also working on a somewhat complicated portrait Of Amanda Palmer that was privately commissions some time ago. I needed to clear time before I brought out the oils.
But right now, I am going back to bed and trying to forget how awful I feel.

See you as soon as I am better.


ps: there will be only one more tiger blog over at the working blog due to the fact that
the photos I took of the process have vanished into stray electrons. I am waiting for one more photo from the lovely Cat Mihos to complete to posting. thank you for understanding.


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