Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, here we are...

All things reach a conclusion and fade away. In time, the Mona Lisa will crumble to dust and the sculptors of Rodin will be rust and red dust.

And the Endless are anything but. But not yet. Not now.

So, here's the promised finish. Not a whole lot to say about this part, except to remind you that this interpretation is my own and not necessarily the bible. Desire is the color of heart muscle. (Pull a muscle? *heh*)Destiny the color of dust. Death is simply in black and white, because death is black and white.

You guess the rest. There is one big color pun in there for you to find. I do things like that to make the work fun for whatever reason. Never hurts.

And always remember, white is a color.

Thanks for your attention....