Tuesday, September 16, 2008


These are beginning portions of a rather large (nearly twenty-five inches square) commission I undertook about a month or so ago. And before you think you would want one also, please note I did this for two reasons. 1. It was ordered by a long time patron of my work as a wedding gift. 2. I threw out a ridiculous sum of money to do it and it was accepted. So, don't even think about it unless you really have a a lot of disposable income. A lot.

What makes this unusual, out side of it's size, is that 1. It's the damn endless again, lol. 2. I almost never pencil in a composition so thoroughly. In this case because I've done so much of this sort of thing, I tend to get a tad blase' about the piece in general, and this time I wanted to make it clear how each related to the whole while giving each of them an individual identity. So I spent a great deal of time working out who was who and what was what. I purposely left the background vague so as to bring each of them close as possible to the forefront. All the better to display their various aspects. In my own way of course, rather than follow the usual.though it's still well within the accepted canon of visual continuity. Tradition!

In a few days at best, I'll show more as it progressed.

'till then,



dogboy443 said...


Will this be a complete pencil piece, or is the pencil your under-drawing for a painting?

Michael Zulli said...

...stay tuned.....this only the first stage of the piece.


dogboy443 said...

I'll be watching...