Sunday, March 23, 2008


About a year ago, perhaps a bit more or less, on a whim I picked up a twelve pack of Graphitint water soluble pencils from my art supply store. What appealed to me right away as the claim of tonality like graphite while having subtle color ranges. Sounded good. I'm always on the lookout for anything that will expand the possibilities of communicating ideas in fresh ways.

On several occasions I've been less that enthusiastic about a choice of product, but I have to say, this time I was very pleasantly surprised.

It took only a moment to realize I had a winner. Those of you familiar with my "unknown Dervish" series will see the results. As of this writing, I've only just begun to tap the potential of the medium. I love the the "pencilness" of them as well as the tonal warmth and control when used with water. With a light fixative they can be layered and worked wet on dry and dry on wet, making for wonderful images. As time permits, I'll be pushing into new areas with them for sometime.

The first image is an example of the color range and the second a new "Unknown Dervish" piece soon to in the gallery.

I bought a twelve pack first, then a twenty-four pack, and as soon as I'm able, the can size advertised. An investment well realized.

I'll be back sometime fairly soon with images from the "The Fracture of the Universal Boy" and a discussion of just "what's going on here". At this point, the book being three quarters finished art-wise, I feel it's about time I started showing some of it off . There is so much that went into every aspect of it that before it ever sees print, I'd like to avail myself of this space to make clear a few bits and bobs that went into it's making.

Join me?

You're invited.


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